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Introduction and Eligibility Purpose
  Lending organizations are being named in law suits across the country for victimizing homeowners for predatory lending. There are federal assistance programs        that centers on the belief that struggling borrowers will stay in their homes—even as values decline sharply—as long as they can make their monthly payments.         The programs offer assistance that will lower interest rates to as low as 2 percent; and bring the payment down to at least 31 percent of the monthly gross income.

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The Loan Modification plan was created In February 2009, to stabilize the housing market from foreclosure and to help struggling homeowners.  This plan was created by the Obama Administration. The loan modification guidance across the mortgage industry was updated and expanded by a series of policy announcements by the Treasury Department in March 2009,

If you are an eligible borrower then The Federal Loan Modification Program will provide an opportunity to modify your loans to make them more affordable.  A uniform loan modification process is provided under a government loan modification program.  A loan modification will provide homeowners with affordable and sustainable monthly payments for their first lien mortgage loans.  An interest rate reduction, term extension, principal forbearance and forgiving principle are affordable and achieved through a successful modification.
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